In life, we often hear ourselves saying: More, I can have more. For no matter how hard we try to subdue our cravings for money and power, when placed in compromising situations, we just can’t help but indulge.

A binding plot of avaricious schemes, this escalating novel gyrates in man’s selfishness to reap more than what one can accommodate. Richard Elliot-Square’s new novel demonstrates the wickedness of man to gain more than what he truly deserves. The price he pays for it, readers can follow in this page-turner book.

Imagine you had in your grasp a winning lottery ticket – worth more than $20m … even you couldn’t quite
believe your luck … it was just when you tried to cash the ticket that things started to go very wrong … the beginning of a nightmare roller-coaster ride involving death threats in the night, mysterious happenings and other less than subtle warnings. This was the experience that led businessman Richard Elliot-Square to write his first novel Supping with the Devil, a dramatic thriller about intrigue in the world of business and high-finance.

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